Index of Industrial Productions

The Index of Industrial Production (IIP) is a yardstick for measuring Industrial growth in the State. It includes the relative change of physical production in the field of Industry during specific period as compared to the previous period. The IIP is estimated for combined state monthly by collecting data from selected units of Manufacturing, Mining and Quarrying and Electricity.


The main objective is to estimate the contribution of Industrial sector to the Gross State Domestic Product. IIP in the State is being compiled with base year 2004-05 for 22 industrial classifications at 2-digit level under manufacturing sector.

Out of 806 factories selected for United Andhra Pradesh for compilation of production report every month, 386 units belongs to Telangana State and 420 units to AP State and the Combined Index is being released due to non availability of weighing diagram exclusively for Telangana State .

As per Quick estimates of IIP the Mining and Quarrying, Manufacturing and Electricity sectors (at NIC 2 digit level) shown a growth rate of 13.9%, (-)0.3% and (-)2.2% respectively for the period April, 2015 over the period April, 2014, resulting in growth rate in general index being 2.1% when compared with April 2014.

Note: Methodology for compilation of Index for Telangana state is to be received from CSO, New Delhi. The CSO has proposed to organise training programme on 8th and 9th of February 2016 for finalising the methodology.